Meet The Neighbors

The Illiana Brew Bus checks in to talk beer tours and how you can join one. Chris has some odd neighbors, but one may be training his dog to eat him. ...View Details

The guys review an offering from The Blue Island Beer Company and discuss some of the crazy conversations and issues they are having with their wives....View Details

Ben Belton calls in with Comic Con anticipation, a unique west coast beer and a close encounter with Hugh Jackman. Mike Pankow has local wrestling new...View Details

Date Night At Binny’s

Ed brings in a delicious offering from BuckleDown Brewing in Lyons, IL. Meanwhile Chris tells Bill why a Friday night trip to the local Binny's can se...View Details

Life Is A Carnival

Chris and Bill reveal why summer carnivals require beer gardens and a healthy dose of caution. Ed describes what should be a good beer but ends up bei...View Details

Space Beer

Bill brings in a beer from outer space. Chris laughs at him. Ed shows up late with an offering from a brand new brewery near Chicago that gets reviewe...View Details

Corona In A Van

Chris and Bill debate the safety of a country that offers you a free Corona in a van to set your mind at ease. The guys review a very whiskey-like bee...View Details

The Trail Of Beers

Mike Pankow from Windy City Slam breaks down the building conflict between WWE and AEW Wrestling. Chris has a brilliant idea that involves a bus and a...View Details

Mike Says Something Funny

Mike says something funny. (I know, we were shocked too!) Ed and Chris kick off a Summer Brewery Tour at Flesk Brewing. Bill gets really excited about...View Details

Chris explains why he drank all of the craft beer in his in-laws' bar, while the guys review a patriotic beer perfect for Memorial Day Weekend. Plus l...View Details

The guys try a south side beer from Tribes Beer Company, while trying to expand their knowledge of IBU's. Mike Pankow from Windy City Slam stops by to...View Details

Two Trip Rabid Pony

The guys visit One Trick Pony and Rabid Breweries to find out how the make their best brews. A local man tries to bring back Kiddieland. Plus local co...View Details

A Two-Headed Monster

The guys visit the creators of The Dixie Highway Brewery Trail and review a rare beer while at Blue Island Beer Company. Mike Pankow from Windy City S...View Details

A Tale Of Two Breweries

The guys take a tour of Boulevard Brewing Company after a road trip to Kansas City, and also review an offering from Temperance Brewery in Evanston. P...View Details

Sex And Beer In Chicago

As Bill snips off one part of his sex life, the guys talk about the beginning for each of them. Chris is joined by The Hop Review with a look at what ...View Details

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