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ANOTHER CRAFT PODCAST! In this special episode, Chris Lanuti presents his annual fantasy football draft preview.  You will not only hear what player...View Details

Diff’rent Strokes

Chris explains why toy train videos on YouTube scare him, while Bill explains why there is such a thing as a bad parent. The guys review 22nd Annivers...View Details

Tiny Mike

Mike says the wrong thing right at the start of the episode and regrets it for the next 30 minutes. The guys review Dank Wood by Founders Brewing and ...View Details

ANOTHER CRAFT PODCAST FROM THE BROADCAST BASEMENT! Take a quick break from our regular show for this special broadcast of a new podcast FOR KIDS, BY K...View Details

Nine Days

Chris is left alone for 9 days when his wife and kids take a trip, and things get weird. The guys also review a beer that Bill brought from 3 Floyds a...View Details

Scape That

When you're really drunk and you don't realize it. Also, when you are really hairy and you don't realize it. Also, when you start a podcast network an...View Details

Potty Mouth Problem Kids

The kids are out of control. Some have potty problems and others have potty mouths. Plus, Bill brought in a mystery beer to review that hopefully wasn...View Details