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The Broadcast Basement


In an attempt to get things going at our new podcast hosting site,, we are posting the show theme song.  New shows start 11-1-11.

Get Ready For The Return


The Broadcast Basement Returns 11/1/11...Are You Ready?

The Broadcast Basement Rides Again!

It has been a while.

(For those of you reading this on, it has never been until now.)

Since the last time I even loaded up to see if it still existed - and it should because my credit card keeps getting charged for renewals - a lot has happened.  One day I'll get into detail.  But to sum it all up:

1. My mother-in-law, previously described as the Harbringer of Doom, moved in.

2. She had what can only be described as "an insane amount of issues with keeping a job."

 3. In the meantime my studio was occupied by two stinky cats and a smelly dog.

4. They were thrown, left...and I then began a 7 month project to rebuild after her departure.

5. The basement she and her filthy animals lived in was gutted.

6. Bleached.

7. Disinfected.

8. Painted.

9. Re-floored, re-carpetted.

10. I fixed a lot of other areas in the house in need of repair following what I call "The Hurricane of 2010-11".

11. I built a 9-foot oak bar, on my own...from scratch.

12. It.

13. Is.

14. Awesome.

15. The studio is now installed in the bar. 16. I'm back.

I apologize for leaving.  It was not my plan...or fault.  I will never leave you again.  Why?  Because there is now a standing policy in this house that we will no longer take on boarders.  (The guest room no longer exists, and that is on purpose.)

I'm in the process of settng up recording dates with everyone from the Broadcast Basement.  Podcasts should start rolling out this month.

There have been problem re-launching, though.  The website we used to use for hosting out podcasts ( is gone.  So, a lot of things need to get set up again for the re-launch.  Today I set up a new account at  Free and limited for now, but if all works out we will be expanding.  Based upon what I am reading, this move will make the show better and expand listenership.  All good things.

This will eventually be the new landing spot of blog posts.  Blog Lanuti still exists, along with past posts.  You can access that through the home website at

Work on setting everything up continues.

I'll be talking to you soon.

I promise.