The Broadcast Basement

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“Cat Assassin”

The saga between Chris and his crazy mother-in-law takes another twist after he kills her cat. Acoustic Mike joins Lanuti to announce the teams in the Fantasy Football League and talk 20-year high school reunions as well.

“Then Ed Dies”

Is DEATH coming for Ed? Will Chris accept Wild Bill's Rap Battle Challenge? What is Acoustic Mike's real talent? Answers to these questions, Fantasy Football insight you need, a review of Goose Island's 25th Anniversary beer, the Beatles and Metallica on stage together, kindergarten terrors and snails hatching out of children all on this podcast episode! Don't miss it!

“What Would YOU Do?”

The guys talk summer movies, fantasy football, picking up hot girls using your kids, craft beer, and subway sharks. They also ask the question, "What Would YOU Do?"

A. Basement. A Bar. Many Beers.